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“Identity is the key!”
Cozmanova Software Development is dedicated to building software solutions for digital identity problems. Since 1997, our focus has always been on practical results, creating concepts to develop new insights in how digital identity works in different settings. By applying this pragmatic approach, it is possible to achieve results very quickly and learn how to make optimal use of innovation.

Cozmanova embraces open source technology because we recognize the responsibility of sharing knowledge to move ahead together in an ever changing and connecting world. Online identity has never been more important than today, when online identities are produced and consumed by the most innovative services.

Our services have been used by both commercial as well as not-for-profit clients. Each project requires a different point of view to identify the problems that need to be solved. The diverse settings in which Cozmanova has been involved, have resulted in a comprehensive overview of how to apply technology that can be used today and how to prepare for the technology that will be important in the future.

Address information:
Cozmanova bv
Celestraat 30

Phone: +31.38.4237.184
Fax: +31.38.4211.588

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