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Asimba's first release


Today, Cozmanova is announcing the release of Asimba SSO Server version 1.0! The fork from OpenASelect is now complete with the publication of the sources in a public repository and a binary release that can easily be evaluated by everybody who is looking for a Serious Open Source SSO server application.

The first release of Asimba is accompanied by the release of the This is the place where general information about the project is made available, user stories will be published as well as high level software architecture information in relation to Asimba can be found. In addition to the, if you want to get hands-on with Asimba, the sources and deliverables of the project are made available through the Asimba project site on SourceForge. The SourceForge-site contains a wiki with ever increasing documentation for users and developers of Asimba, as well as a public source code repository for everybody interested in building their own version of Asimba.

As the foundation of the Asimba server software is now ready, we actively invite everybody to participate in the project. For more information about the Asimba-project or the code, please contact Asimba or contact Cozmanova.