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Gearjunkies is a project of Cozmanova Software Development, Auxillary Works and Bambam Studio, to build a community around a database of product information.


The Gearjunkies website offers everything you would want to know about gear for electronic music production and DJs. With time, more and more features are added to the website, realizing more interactivity between the user and the website. Because all the information on Gearjunkies is directly linked with the product database, the information that the database offers grows exponentially.


The technology for creating the Gearjunkies community ( is based on MARS-IAM. This means that the domain of the Gearjunkies community user account is not limited to the Gearjunkies site, but extends beyond. This creates a lot of flexibility that is used to create, for example, an independent website for people to manage their own studio setup, the website. MARS-IAM technology makes the community as flexible as possible, and enables developping all possible user services for