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Cozmanova is committed to making the maximum use of identity on the internet.
Innovation is happening fast, and Cozmanova is on top of how identity is changing shape of the future internet. Doing the identity-thing right can make a big difference and doesn't have to be difficult. We work hard to make sure that what you're doing is the right thing!
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Asimba's first release


Today, Cozmanova is announcing the release of Asimba SSO Server version 1.0! The fork from OpenASelect is now complete with the publication of the sources in a public repository and a binary release that can easily be evaluated by everybody who is looking for a Serious Open Source SSO server application.

Hello Asimba, the next generation of OpenASelect!

Today Cozmanova and Magic Choice announce the project Asimba, the next generation of OpenASelect. This open source application is the foundation for many access management solutions. With the introduction of Asimba, a SMS/OneTimePassword authentication module will also be released for as part of the distributed features of the Asimba application.

OpenASelect downloads available

Since the went into maintenance-state, there have been no means to download either the source code or the binary distribution of the 'OpenASelect'-application. Because Cozmanova has been developing and using OpenASelect in a multitude of projects, and is still using OpenASelect as Access Management layer for different types of solutions, the source code of OpenASelect and its modules are made available for download from the Cozmanova website.

The end of the password? (again)

Using a password has traditionally been the easiest way to authenticate a user to a system. Users are more and more educated in taking their responsibility in working with passwords, like changing it often enough, choosing a non dictionary word, using different passwords for different accounts, etc. But, according to a new article, all is lost...

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