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Cozmanova is committed to making the maximum use of identity on the internet.
Innovation is happening fast, and Cozmanova is on top of how identity is changing shape of the future internet. Doing the identity-thing right can make a big difference and doesn't have to be difficult. We work hard to make sure that what you're doing is the right thing!
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Development snaps in blog

The Cozmanova website contains a blog where all sorts of technical items are published. While developing software, we are using the internet a lot to learn from comments of other people on problems. As such, Cozmanova is also adding to the global knowledge by providing specific solutions to specific problems and giving pointers how to solve problems. If you want to read technical stuff, check out the blog.

OpenID RP demo with SREG/AX-extensions available

Today Cozmanova published an OpenID RP demo, that demonstrates the use of the Simple Registration (SREG) and Attribute Exchange (AX) extensions of the OpenID protocol.

OpenID RP support in MARS-IAM

Today Cozmanova releases support for OpenID in MARS-IAM. The OpenID-support is both for assisting the registration procedure, as well as delegating authentication to an OpenID-provider of a user's choice.

New Drupal site for Cozmanova

Cozmanova has just released the new website based on Drupal CMS. This translation opens up a range of new exciting possibilities for the future of!

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